Why I’m Running:

  • Wyoming’s family.  Folks who live here want to be here.  I’m proud of our State with all its world-class uniqueness.
  • Wyoming’s challenged.  Our status-quo is being forced to change.
    • We’re an energy powerhouse.  But outsiders want to shut down the heritage resources we depend on utilizing questionable logic.  As a UW grad in Mechanical Engineering, I bring 30+ years of deep cross-functional front line experience across the oil and gas industry to the table.
        • “In five years, the amount of energy that the country is going to use is equal to adding a whole new California (demand surge includes AI driven data centers, electric vehicles and crypto currency mining).  How we meet this growing demand for electricity will have serious economic and security consequences for our nation. The stakes couldn’t be higher.  The United States could be entering a period of sustained demand growth unlike anything seen since the two decades following World War II.”                     US Senator John Barrasso
    • Nearly half our land is Federally owned – with strings attached.  But Wyomingites thrive on self-determination.  We need to stick up for ourselves, stand on our own two feet and push back against pernicious Federal over reach.
    • We like to think of ourselves as dependable throwbacks from simpler times.  But the present day world continues to churn just outside our doors and refuses to be ignored.
  • I’m a longstanding member of the Wyoming family.  My desire is to harness my experience working as a team member within our Legislature so together we can forge Wyoming’s future by hammering out dependable, workable solutions to the challenges we face.

What I Stand For:

  • The full breadth of the Wyoming Republican Party Platform.
  • Sovereign individuals residing in sovereign States with the Federal government restricted to US Constitutional parameters as our Founders designed.
  • Wyoming’s aggressive contribution to our Nation’s energy independence. True science must lead the way however, not pseudo-science driven by scare tactics.
  • INTEGRITY:  I’ve held influential positions my entire career.  Various forms of graft have always been close at hand.  Some of my positions offered vast amounts of graft at international levels.  However, I’ve never taken it.  Never ‘joined the club’.  I’ve seen graft not simply offered, but aggressively pushed.  I’ve always refused – it’s not who I am.  I’ll keep driving my ’93 Explorer ’till the wheels fall off.  This level of proven integrity will continue with my admission into the Wyoming Legislature.
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My Background and Family:

  • My wife Lijuan and son Matt are the light of my life.  Matt deserves the same opportunities I’ve been afforded, as do your kids.  This won’t happen unless we fight for their futures today.  (Background Details)
  • General Michael Flynn is an inspiration to me.  He knows far beyond anything I’ve ever experienced what it means to fight for family, Country and honor.  “Deliver the Truth, whatever the Cost”.

State Revenue and Budget Trends:

  • I’ve dealt with large revenues and budgets throughout my career and pulled together a few high level trends.  Our revenue streams are challenged as stated above.  Our budget is also challenged as we strive for proper fiscal balance.  The traditional Republicans’ perspective is that our State’s budget has been stable for years, thanks to their efforts.  The Freedom Caucus claims our budgets are growing exponentially.  Who’s right?  As is so often the case, both are, depending on the perspective one takes.  However, the last six years have seen accelerating growth rates year to year.  Serious discussions are required to flatten this resent surge or we risk consequential damage in the years ahead.  With your support, I hope to attend and add value to these discussions.  (Economics Trends)
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Property Taxes:

  • Statewide residential property taxes have increased by nearly 60% since 2020!  
  • Property values are the driving force behind the exaspirating rise in our property taxes.  Find out details why in this link. (Property Tax Info)

Shout Out to the Wyoming Election Integrity PAC!

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